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Keeping Stories Alive: Preserving Elly Gotz’s Extraordinary Life Journey with ARHT CAPSULE 

Stories. We all have them, and we all love to listen to them. Sharing memories, expressing ideas, or describing imaginary...

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USC Introduces Hologram Technology to Its Digital Creative Lab

(This article was originally published on July, 31, 2023 by Annie Galvin Teich at Holograms are no longer just...

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Inspiring Future Leaders with Immersive Technology: Thought Leadership Hologram Keynote at Emory University’s Goizueta...

The recent Pathway to C-Suite event held by  Emory University's Goizueta Business School was a resounding success, thanks to the...

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Upping The Learning Curve: How Hologram Technology is Revolutionizing the Educational Landscape

Hologram technology has rapidly advanced in the last 15 years, and today is a truly innovative solution that is being...

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Bringing the Star Trek Experience With Holograms: How ARHT and Paramount+ Beamed “Strange New...

In May 2023, ARHT collaborated with Premier Comms and Paramount+ to bring a one-of-a-kind production to the opening ceremony of...

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IMD invests in hologram technology to improve learning capabilities and experience

(This article was originally published in May 2023 on The new technology will enable faculty to engage with more...

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