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Supporting Those Who Dream: How SIIT Integrated ARHT Holograms To Empower Indigenous Storytelling, Cultural...

ARHT had the privilege of collaborating with Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT)’s pawâcikêwikamik: The Innovation Collective to support its...

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London personalities transported to MIPIM as ‘holograms’

(this article was originally published in the AV Magazine on April 4, 2024) About 30 people, including the lord mayor and minister...

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Breaking Language & Communication Barriers: How Samsung Showcased the Power of the New S24’s...

In today’s interconnected world, effective communication across language barriers remains a significant challenge. The new Samsung S24 phone, however, offers...

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The New Virtual Classroom: How Holograms and Immersive Environments Are Transforming Education

(this article was written by Dan Rubinstein and originally published at A group of students sits inside a classroom...

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Wenn das “Hologramm” die Designerlampe verkauft

(this article was originally published at,U5VKEzc, written by Franz Engeser) Im Nürnberger Innovationslabor "Josephs" kann derzeit virtuell ein neues...

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That’s a Wrap, NRF2024!

In January, we had the incredible opportunity to participate in the NRF2024, the Retail's Big Show, right in the heart...

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