Capture Studio

From lights and monitors to cameras and backdrops,
all you need to record and transmit live and pre-recorded
presentations easily. Build your own studio with a complete
capture setup or customize your existing studio.

Reach everyone without leaving the studio

A complete solution to capture your presence.

Take a cue from our clients

Find out how these businesses use holography to bring compelling events.

ARHT x Founders Forum

Check out how we captured and transmitted President Zelensky’s hologram to share his message with nearly 200,000 leaders worldwide to 4 different locations simultaneously.

ARHT x Robeco International

Find out how Robeco Investor Conference took its keynote presentations to the next level with ARHT technology. 

A new sense of presence for audiences

Capture and record presenters to transmit them to ARHT Screen,
Virtual Global Stage or both simultaneously.

The ultimate hologram capture toolkit

Transmit your hologram from ARHT Capture Studio to any other ARHT solution: ARHT Screens, ARHT CAPSULE or ARHT Virtual Global Stage.

No need to build or buy your own studio

Choose any ARHT Capture Studio in many locations around the globe. Upgrade your existing studio with ARHT Engine or run captures from third-party green screen studios.

Product details

Livestream securely, with lower
latency than consumer streams.

ARHT Capture Studios require a 30' (9 m) long x 15' (4.6 m) wide x 9' (2.8 m) venue space.

Meet the core of our technology, the ARHT Engine.

The ARHT Engine is a combination of our patented transmission software installed on premium purpose-built hardware. It enables the transmission and delivery of real-time and pre-recorded holograms to in-person audiences around the globe.


In order to set up a remote Capture Studio or Display, it can take the team anywhere from 2-3 hours to set up each one.

When setting up a Capture Studio, you can either have it set up permanently at your office or studio or keep it stored to be set up when needed. To store the ARHT Capture Studio, it would need to be dismantled.

The ARHT Capture Studio consists of a green screen, lighting, reference and audience monitors, and a 4K camera to capture the presenter before transmitting to the display.

It’s not necessary to build or buy your own studio. You have the ability to capture and display anywhere in the world, this includes ARHT Studios, partner locations such as WeWork, or you can set up a remote location. Remote capture and/or display can be set up given that there is adequate space, internet, and appropriate lighting conditions. Thanks to our strategic partnership with WeWork, ARHT’s technology is available across 19 WeWork locations around the world. Additionally, there are also 10 ARHT locations across the globe you can also choose from. Check out our map with all the locations here.

The cost can vary depending on whether you are looking to rent or purchase our technology.

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