Deliver Next-Level Events with ARHT CAPSULE - Live Holograms For Extraordinary Experiences

Captivate and engage your audience like never before
with real-time interactions. Beam speakers from anywhere
to interactive live events or use it for engaging pre-recorded content.
Enrich your presentations with 3D animations.

Create extraordinary experiences

Create extraordinary experiences

Just like you’re there.

Take a cue from our clients

Find out how these businesses use holography to create immersive experiences.

ARHT x Paramount+

Discover how Paramount+ delivered a Star Trek-themed hologram experience to the public at the Paramount+ Summit of Stars activation in London.

ARHT x Mississaugas Of The Credit First Nation

Discover how the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation integrated ARHT's CAPSULE hologram display to present an interactive hologram experience at the 2022 Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto.

Solutions for every use case

Discover how you can use holography to create compelling experiences and make a stronger impact.



Bring in the WOW factor and elevate customer experience.

Experiential Marketing

Beam brand ambassadors, athletes and celebrities to important events, fundraisers and launches.

CAPSULE - ARHT Website_Experiential marketing


Connect with audiences in the most memorable way and interact with fans across the globe.


Deliver training programs and workshops in multiple locations at once.


Thought Leaders

Present at events, share your knowledge and inspire people — without the need to travel.

Trade Shows and Conferences

Pitch your products and services with the help of 3D graphics and hologram speakers.

CAPSULE - ARHT Website_events and tradeshows

Product details

Portable full-body LCD hologram with 2D and 3D depth-sensing cameras.

Height 220cm / 87 in
80cm / 32 in
137cm / 54 in
230 kg / 508 lbs
15A / 1650W

Meet the core of our technology, the ARHT Engine.

The ARHT Engine is a combination of our patented transmission software installed on premium purpose-built hardware. It enables the transmission and delivery of real-time and pre-recorded holograms to in-person audiences around the globe.


What is a hologram CAPSULE?

ARHT CAPSULE is a 4K holographic touchscreen display that can beam speakers from anywhere
to interactive live events or simply display engaging pre-recorded content, taking human interactions to the next level.

What are holograms in events?

Holograms in events refer to the use of holographic technology to enhance or create immersive visual experiences during live events, performances, or presentations. Usually, this refers to live or pre-recorded holograms of performers, speakers, products, etc.

What are some of the ways people can interact with CAPSULE?

With CAPSULE, you can have real-time interaction with a live hologram or interact with the display using the touch screen and take your audience on a hosted journey. Your mobile device can interact with CAPSULE to engage with consumers and collect data.

Can the CAPSULE’s outer shell be wrapped to display custom branding or artwork?

Yes, it’s possible to wrap the CAPSULE’s external shell. You can include any type of branding, advertising, or design that is then printed on the wrap and applied to the display.

Is the user interface for the kiosk application fully customizable?

Yes, the CAPSULE’s touchscreen can be completely customized to create any sort of kiosk-style user interface. Contact us today to book a demo and learn more about available options.

Does the CAPSULE work in all light conditions?

The CAPSULE works in all light conditions, making it ideal for retail, window displays, and tradeshows, and can be placed in many locations without much consideration for ambient or overhead lights.

Does CAPSULE come in different colors?

CAPSULE is currently available in white and black, and custom colors are also available.

Can CAPSULE be placed outside and be exposed to the weather, like rain or snow?

The models that are currently available are not suitable for being placed outdoors.

How do you clean the CAPSULE’s screen?

To clean the transparent touch screen, lightly dampen a microfibre cloth with water, then wipe the screen lightly.

Can CAPSULE be left unattended?

Yes, the display is meant to be left unattended in public spaces. Users can interact with the display using its touch screen. Technicians can also remote into the Display over the internet and make updates to content remotely.

Is the CAPSULE portable?

Yes, you can move the CAPSULE between locations using a Pump Truck or a Pallet Jack.

Is CAPSULE available for rentals and purchase?

You may rent the CAPSULE on either a weekly or monthly basis, or you may purchase the display for permanent use.

Can CAPSULE be connected to external audio systems?

CAPSULE comes with a built-in BOSE audio system and microphone but can also connect to an external audio system if you would like to amplify the sound in a larger space or venue like an auditorium.

Is it possible to capture more than 1 person at 1 location?

Yes! But if you display in a CAPSULE, a maximum of 2 people should be close enough to fit in the CAPSULE.

When I’m in the CAPSULE as a presenter, do I see the audience?

Yes! While you’re in the ARHT Capture Studio, you have a confidence monitor, a presentation monitor, and bi-directional audio & video. There is a wide-angle camera in CAPSULE and audio in & out, as well.

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