Elevate Your Communication with Immersive Holographic Displays

Versatile holographic displays in high resolution for
high-definition immersive presentations. Easy to set up
and integrate with other ARHT solutions. Different
sizes available, depending on your needs and requirements.

Deliver sharp visuals

Deliver sharp visuals

Transmit your presentations as accurately as possible

Three sizes, limitless possibilities

Explore flexible and portable displays for temporary or semi-permanent use.

H5 Display

H5 Display

5' wide x 8,5' high (1.5m x 2.6m)
Designed to display a single life-size holographic presenter and graphics within a minimal footprint.

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H10 Display

10' wide x 8,5' high (3m x 2.6m) Designed to display up to two life-size holographic presenters and graphics within a minimal footprint.

H30 Display

H30 Display

30' wide x 8.5' high (10m x 2.6m) Our largest holographic display designed to be used on a stage to display multiple presenters and graphics.

Product details

Lightweight and portable holographic
display ideal for darker environments.
Rear projection is our preferred approach, optimal in a larger space or an auditorium. Given it is in 16:9, it can fill the full width of H5 and H10 and offers 16' wide coverage on the H30. Our standard Rear Projection is 21000 Lumens.
A Front Projection is typically used for tight spaces with low ceilings or events that require immediate tear-down post-beam-in. Our standard Front Projection is 9400 Lumens.
Front-side projection allows for a 54" (1.37 m) wide usable area, great for 1 person and graphics

Meet the core of our technology, the ARHT Engine.

The ARHT Engine is a combination of our patented transmission software installed on premium purpose-built hardware. It enables the transmission and delivery of real-time and pre-recorded holograms to in-person audiences around the globe.


How long does it take to set up ARHT Screens?

In order to set up any display, it can take the team anywhere from 2-3 hours to set up.

Can your team help us with the correct setup?

Yes, you can book our team with a separate fee depending on your needs. We’d be more than happy to provide technical support with setting up your event.

What is the latency during a live hologram transmission?

ARHT streaming network provides two-way communication over a public network with minimal latency. In order to provide seamless video streaming at a target bitrate, we require a stable internet connection with good quality of service, i.e., zero (or minimal) packet drop. If the quality of service deteriorates, streams will adjust to lower bitrate while keeping low latency.

Thanks to ARHT’s capabilities and our ARHT Engine software, there is no noticeable latency at 0.3 seconds using 10 Mbps of data speed.

What is the internet speed required for live interactions?

We require a minimum speed of 10mb/s up and down, whether on an ethernet, WiFi, or 5G internet connection. Ideally, a backup stream would run over a separate, dedicated internet service. It’s possible to use LTE/5G Internet as a backup and/or the main service.

If we need more than 1 stream each way, we need to add bandwidth accordingly.

How much do ARHT Screens cost?

The cost can vary depending on whether you are looking to rent or purchase our technology.

What is holographic technology?

Holograms are three-dimensional images created through the recording and reconstruction of light patterns scattered from an object. This technology involves the captivating creation and display of immersive three-dimensional images, offering unique and visually striking experiences.

Are holographic displays possible?

Yes, ARHT is one of the leading providers of holographic displays since 2014. We provide a portfolio of different holographic displays based on the needs of your activation.

How close are we to holographic displays?

Holographic displays already exist and are in use for specific applications. The technology continues to advance, but widespread consumer adoption may depend on factors like cost and practicality.

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