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By harnessing the power of holographic technology, thought leaders in healthcare and medical experts can connect with their peers in an engaging and impactful way. Presenting insights and case discussions through interactive 3D holograms helps the audience grasp new practices and acquire knowledge quickly. Sharing case reviews and research insights has never been more exciting and, most importantly, highly accessible.

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ARHT x Bayshore Healthcare

Discover how Bayshore Healthcare harnessed the power of hologram technology for their virtual event.

ARHT x Novartis

Discover how ARHT helped Novartis bring experts from three different countries onto the same virtual stage.

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The star of the show, ARHT CAPSULE is a 4K holographic touchscreen display that takes human interactions to the next level.

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Our most flexible portable displays suited for any type of event, temporary or semi-permanent. Completely adaptable to your needs and wants.

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Can holographic displays facilitate real-time audience engagement and interaction, such as live Q&A sessions, which are crucial for knowledge exchange in the life sciences industry?

Yes, our holographic displays are designed to support real-time audience engagement, including live Q&A sessions. This feature enhances knowledge exchange and fosters interactive discussions during life sciences conferences and seminars. Additionally, we empower busy professionals and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to beam across the world in 0.3 seconds without the need to travel, providing a convenient and efficient solution for global participation.

How can ARHT assist in curating key messages for thought leaders, ensuring that their presentations effectively communicate important insights and advancements?

We collaborate closely with our clients to help them curate key messages effectively. Our team provides insights and expertise to ensure that presentations communicate important insights and advancements with impact and clarity. Additionally, our team of experts works closely with our clients to create the most engaging content, and between our client services, technical, and production team, we support you in planning and delivering your message in the best way possible.

What level of technical support is provided to ensure the smooth setup and operation of holographic displays during life sciences conferences and seminars?

We provide comprehensive technical support to ensure the smooth setup and operation of holographic displays during life sciences conferences and seminars. Our dedicated support team is committed to minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless event experience.

How does your technology ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive information shared during healthcare, pharmaceutical, or medical technology events?

ARHT prioritizes the security and privacy of our users. We do not collect any private or sensitive information during the use of the ARHT Engine (AE) system. To address privacy concerns, we’ve implemented meticulous security measures. This includes relying on Microsoft Azure’s trusted cloud infrastructure and utilizing ARHT’s dedicated network for ARHT Engine Live Beam transmission. Secure connections are ensured through HTTPS and WSS protocols, while end-to-end encryption using DTLS-SRTP guarantees the protection of video and audio transmissions. Our commitment to security extends further to signaling, where we employ Secure WebSocket with TLS 1.2, providing a comprehensive and secure holographic experience.

What analytics can be measured using your technology in life sciences settings, and how can it contribute to the success of these events?

When enabled, the ARHT CAPSULE offers detailed analytics, including user engagement metrics such as the number of views, duration of content watched, and customer interactions. Additionally, the system provides insights into content popularity, customer sentiment, and demographics. These analytics empower hospitals and medical institutions to fine-tune their strategies, optimize content, and boost sales. The AE Content Management System complements this by offering further detailed analytics for a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior.

To what extent can the holographic displays be used for educational purposes in the life sciences sector, such as training programs, medical education seminars, or internal communication initiatives?

Our holographic displays are versatile for educational purposes in the life sciences sector, supporting training programs, medical education seminars, and internal communication initiatives. The immersive nature enhances the effectiveness of educational content delivery.

Can the technology support multi-location collaboration, allowing healthcare experts from different geographic locations to participate in conferences as holographic presenters or attendees?

Yes, our technology supports multi-location collaboration, allowing healthcare experts from different geographic locations to participate in conferences as holographic presenters or attendees. This feature facilitates a global exchange of ideas. Additionally, with ARHT’s global presence, we can easily bring leaders from across the world from one of our capture sites or a mobile capture site convenient to you, and beam you to any displays across the world, whether that be one or many, simultaneously.

In what ways can ARHT's holographic displays be utilized for product launches or presentations in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, ensuring a captivating and memorable experience for the audience?

Our holographic displays can be utilized for captivating product launches or presentations in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. The immersive experience ensures a memorable and impactful introduction of products or innovations. 

Can holographic technology be utilized for remote medical consultations or expert collaborations, providing a lifelike presence for healthcare professionals unable to attend in person?

Yes, our holographic technology enables life-like remote medical consultations and expert collaborations. Healthcare professionals can participate virtually, fostering meaningful interactions without the need for physical presence. Additionally, hologram technology can help deliver engaging and immersive training and educational messaging to remote locations, enhancing accessibility and knowledge exchange.

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