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Enter the Hologram Era and Make Your Customer The Main Act

Give your customer a different sense of shopping with elevated personalization, more convenience, and perpetual inspiration. Take them on a journey where they are the hero of your brand story. Communicate your brand story through vivid and striking window displays. Create a one-in-a-million shopping experience that will keep your shoppers coming for more.

Use Cases

Success stories

Meet forward-thinkers who engage with their audiences in a revolutionary way.

ARHT x Smartech

Discover how Smartech partnered with ARHT to provide Selfridges in London with an interactive hologram kiosk.

ARHT x Paradies Largardere

Get ready to be amazed this holiday season at Pearson International Airport as ARHT and Paradies Lagardère join forces again to bring you an immersive and interactive experience.

ARHT x Westjet Santa

Discover how WestJet beamed live interactive holograms of both Blue Santa and Ebeniza Scrooge to a winter wonderland.

Technology That Brings Life To Your Story

arht capsule


Discover the most lifelike and lifesized interactive 3D holographic display elevating your presentations and conversations.

ARHT Show Window Max


Introducing the ARHT Show Window Max™️ – the world’s largest holographic screen that revolutionizes customer experience...

Transform Customer Engagement and Make Lasting Impressions

Join visionary brands that are using ARHT holograms to create unique shopping experiences.

Solutions for every use case

Discover how you can use holography to create compelling
experiences and make a stronger impact.


Star line

Make your training, research, and briefings impactful, cost-effective and sustainable. Engage your audience and connect them with global leaders.


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Grab the attention of your customer and create memorable experiences. Inspire, interact, and educate your audience with engaging holograms.


Star line

Cinemas and movies have always been magical. Invite your audience into that dream world again as active participants.

Commonly Asked

What are the use cases of ARHT CAPSULE in retail?

ARHT CAPSULE’s integration in retail transforms the shopping experience by offering immersive brand displays, holographic storytelling, virtual celebrity collaborations, and interactive artisan demonstrations. From private shopping experiences with virtual personal shoppers to touchscreen interaction and a holographic concierge for FAQs, Capsule enhances customer engagement, drives revenue, and sets physical stores apart in the evolving retail landscape.

Can different applications be integrated with the ARHT CAPSULE (AI, app integrations, etc.)?

Yes, the ARHT CAPSULE is designed to support various applications and integrations, including AI functionalities and other interactive technologies. This flexibility allows for customization based on specific retail needs.

What analytics can be tracked from the ARHT CAPSULE?

When enabled, the ARHT CAPSULE offers detailed analytics, including user engagement metrics such as the number of views, duration of content watched and customer interactions. Additionally, the system provides insights into content popularity, customer sentiment and demographic. These analytics empower retailers to fine-tune their strategies, optimize content, and boost sales. The AE Content Management System complements this by offering further detailed analytics for a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior

What KPIs does the ARHT CAPSULE drive?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the ARHT CAPSULE encompass increased foot traffic, enhanced brand perception, higher conversion rates, improved customer engagement and sentiment, elevated revenue, extended dwell times, boosted sales per square foot. These metrics collectively showcase the comprehensive impact of the ARHT CAPSULE on driving both customer experience and business success.

How much does the ARHT CAPSULE cost?

Costs may vary based on specific requirements and customization options. By heading over to our products page, you can download our e-brochure or head to the “contact us” section of our website to connect directly with a member of our sales team.

Can the ARHT CAPSULE be integrated into a store (wrapped, built into a facade, etc.)?

Yes, the ARHT CAPSULE can be integrated into a store environment through a variety of methods, including wrapping or being built into a facade. This flexibility allows for seamless incorporation into existing retail spaces.

What are the power requirements?

The ARHT CAPSULE requires 15 Amps, 110 Volts / 220 Volts, and 600 Watts and is capable of being plugged into a wall outlet. For more technical information on ARHT CAPSULE, please head over to the product page.

Does the ARHT CAPSULE come in a different size?

The ARHT CAPSULE currently only comes in a standard size (height 220cm / 87 in, depth 80cm / 32 in, width 137cm / 54 in.) However, we now offer the ARHT Show Window Max™, which is offered in 3 (width 330cm / 10’10” ft, height 212cm / 7’0” ft, depth, 87cm / 2’10” ft) or 4 panels (width 440cm / 14’5” ft, height 212cm / 7’0” ft, depth 87cm / 2’10” ft.) Other dimensions are on a case-by-case basis, allowing for customized solutions to meet specific needs.

How is content produced? Can we create our own?

While the production of content is not inherently difficult, ARHT offers a comprehensive approach to content creation. Our skilled ARHT Team can expertly craft engaging holographic content for your needs. Alternatively, we collaborate with content partners to ensure a diverse range of options. Moreover, ARHT goes beyond this by providing consulting services. We can train your team or content partners, enabling them to produce their own customized holographic content, ensuring a seamless integration of captivating visuals tailored to your specific requirements.

Can you live beam into multiple locations at once?

Yes, the ARHT CAPSULE allows for live beaming into multiple locations simultaneously, providing a dynamic and consistent experience across various retail outlets.

Does ARHT have a global presence?

ARHT is well-equipped to assist retailers in scaling across the globe. With a global presence and teams strategically located in key regions like America, EMEA, APAC, and more, we provide local support and a nuanced understanding of diverse market needs. Our experience includes collaborating with brands that needed to convey their message to over a dozen countries worldwide. Moreover, ARHT’s global network of partners enhances our ability to reach even the most remote markets, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to global expansion for retailers.

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