ARHT Virtual Global Stage

Step onto the first fully digital interactive stage
where unforgettable hybrid events, award shows,
and keynotes happen. Connect speakers from all over
the world and spark live conversations with audiences.

Bring together remote presenters from across the globe

Spark live conversations, no matter the distance.

Take a cue from our clients

Find out how these businesses use holography to bring compelling events.

ARHT x Bayshore Healthcare

Discover how Bayshore Healthcare harnessed the power of hologram technology for their virtual event.

ARHT x DHL Express Canada

Discover how Andrew Williams, CEO of DHL Express Canada, leverages ARHT's Virtual Global Stage for internal communication.

Bring people together

Virtual Global Stage™ is where the magic happens. Beam multiple presenters from different
locations on one stage at the same time. The world has never been closer.

Powered by ARHT technology

Innovation only matters when it’s user-friendly. That’s why we built a one-in-all system to help you set up and share interactive events.

Fully customizable

Add custom 3D graphics, webcam presenters, videos, and presentations. Use custom transitions and effects. Include custom branding, colors and different backgrounds.

Meet the core of our technology, the ARHT Engine.

The ARHT Engine is a combination of our patented transmission software installed on premium purpose-built hardware. It enables the transmission and delivery of real-time and pre-recorded holograms to in-person audiences around the globe.


How many people can be on the stage at the same time?

The number of people that can fit onto a Virtual Global Stage is up to 5 individuals.

How can the speakers present themselves on the stage?

Presenters can be presented as seated or standing. You can also use special visual effects and beam presenters onto and off the stage using custom 3D transitions.

Can you help us set up our Virtual Global Stage?

Yes! Our technical team can help you with the set up and our creative team can help you create immersive experiences by adding dynamic visuals and applying different backgrounds, colors, etc. Whatever your vision is, we can bring it to life!

What enables the speakers to interact in real-time?

Thanks to the ARHT Engine, ARHT Virtual Global Stage presenters can see, hear and communicate with each other with no noticeable latency. This enables natural conversations as if the speakers were really in the same room. We can set up confidence monitors so each presenter can naturally interact with every other presenter on a one-to-one basis.

How much does the VIrtual Global Stage setup cost?

We approach every project in a unique way, meaning every proposal is tailor made and quoted accordingly. First, we listen to your ideas, vision and requirements, and then our team creates a tailored proposal exclusively for your event. We can help you with everything, from consulting, setting up, creating, and launching the event.

ARHT. Empowering you to make an unforgettable impact.

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