ARHT Show Window Max™

Introducing the ARHT Show Window Max™️ – the world’s largest holographic screen that revolutionizes customer experience for retailers and corporates. Immerse yourself in captivating larger-than-life displays that transcend reality.

ARHT Show Window Max

Innovation Meets Maximum Impact

Experience That Captivates All Your Senses

Enhanced Power of Holographic Technology in Monumental

Unleash the Full Potential of Immersive Virtual Experiences on an Epic Scale

The Show Window MAX Presentation at ISE 2023

Newtonlab Space presents its newest and biggest holographic device The Show Window MAX at ISE 2023. The future of the retailing sector as a holographic storefront that will revolutionize the AV sector.

Solutions for every use case

Discover how you can use holography to create compelling experiences and make a stronger impact.



Introduce captivating displays and window showcases that get unrivaled immediate attention and inspire irresistible shopping impulses.

Experience Centers

Elevate audience experience with large-scale displays that attract, captivate, and engage your audience, maximizing your return on investment.



Deliver striking shows, incredible stories, and spectacles that will leave your viewers speechless. Create unique content that generates maximum audience satisfaction.

Unlock Endless Possibilities with Modular Options

Size Up the Cool Factor and Customize Your Fit with Our Fixed Install & Purchase Options


Product details

Modular holographic display with 4K transparent LCD screens for maximum impact.

3 panel CM & FT
330Cm / 10’10”Ft
212Cm / 7’0” Ft
87Cm / 2’10”Ft
4 panel CM & FT
440Cm / 14’5”Ft
212Cm / 7’0”Ft
87Cm / 2’10”Ft

Meet the core of our technology, the ARHT Engine.

The ARHT Engine is a combination of our patented transmission software installed on premium purpose-built hardware. It enables the transmission and delivery of real-time and pre-recorded holograms to in-person audiences around the globe.


How do live beams work for the ARHT Show Window Max™?

The ARHT Show Window Max™ can be configured to have one subject beamed onto all 3 or 4 panels or different subjects beamed onto each respective panel.

How much power is required to run the 3 and 4-panel ARHT Show Window Max™?

Every module has an individual power supply, using 1,800 Watts per module. Therefore, a 3 or 4-panel display would require 5,400 and 7,200 watts, respectively.

How long does it take to set up the ARHT Show Window Max™?

The ARHT Show Window Max™  takes approximately 4 hours to set up.

Can the ARHT Show Window Max™ be wrapped up custom branding or artwork?

Yes, it’s possible to wrap the ARHT Show Window Max™ ’s external shell. You can include any branding, advertising, or design printed on the wrap and applied to the display.

What is the hardware that is running the ARHT Show Window Max™?

The ARHT Show Window Max™  is powered by hardware specifically designed to power the magic that the ARHT Show Window Max™ produces.

Is content for the ARHT Show Window Max™ Captured on the White or Green ARHT Capture Studio?

To record content for the ARHT Show Window Max™, an ARHT Capture Studio with a white backdrop would be required.

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