KBC’s Inspiration Day:  World Leading Belgian Bank Insurer Surfs The Innovation Wave With ARHT CAPSULE

KBC is a Belgian universal multi-channel bank insurer focusing on private clients and small and medium-sized enterprises in Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. KBC is at the forefront of innovation in the banking and insurance industry, catering mainly to retail, private banking, SME, and mid-cap clients. The KBC banking app became the best banking app in the world two years ago, establishing the organization as the leading innovative reference in banking and insurance. 

Surf Studio is the Innovation Hub of KBC that facilitates and stimulates innovation by bringing inspiration, stimulating experimentation, and organizing significant events, like Inspiration Days, talks, courses, etc. They aim to share emerging technologies with colleagues, inspiring them to integrate them into workflows and systems. One of their recent exciting ventures has been the exploration of holographic technology. In this case study, we will delve into KBC’s experimentation with holographic technology, focusing on their Inspiration Day event and the impact of holograms on their employees and the organization. 

Embracing New Technological Possibilities 

Ingrid Creten and her team at Surf Studio have been looking into holographic technology for the last few years, so they have been following up on the market for a long time. They investigated many companies, and then, through word of mouth, they decided to explore ARHT’s solutions. 

“Our main goal was to impress the colleagues on the Inspiration Day, which is one day in a year when all the colleagues within the KBC group gather and connect,” begins Ingrid, Head of Surf Studio and Surf Studio Labs (The Innovation Hub of KBC).

On a mission to wow their colleagues during the annual Inspiration Day, they decided to utilize the ARHT CAPSULE at the event venue.

Using Holography For Unprecedented Employee Engagement

In 2023, the KBC Inspiration Day took place in Brussels on the 5th of October. With 500 colleagues attending, ARHT CAPSULE was positioned at the front entrance of the center of the building, becoming the focal point of the event. As attendees made their way to various talks in the Auditorium, they were instantly captivated by the interactive holographic display, ARHT CAPSULE. 

The Capture Studio set up next to the CAPSULE, enabled people to transform into live holograms, adding a dynamic and interactive element to the event. The content seamlessly alternated between pre-recorded presentations, informative sessions about the event, and explanations of CAPSULE’s capabilities; the atmosphere was filled with excitement, creating moments of playful interactions.

“Many people were looking behind the booth to see whether people were inside, curious about how the CAPSULE works. Everyone was interested in it, engaging with each other as holograms, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere,” says Elisa Van der Perre, Functional Analyst at KBC. The success of the Inspiration Day event extended beyond its duration. Colleagues expressed interest in incorporating holographic technology into their own business contexts, opening up possibilities for its use in other departments. “Afterwards, we also received some questions from colleagues who want to use the CAPSULE in other business-related contexts, so now we’re planning to continue the experiments and see how we can use the CAPSULE during recruitment events, for example,” reveals Ingrid.

Despite tight timelines, the collaboration between KBC and ARHT proved exceptionally smooth and successful. With an on-site ARHT technician, the KBC team gained valuable insights, learned best practices, and overcame challenges. “We learned a lot about the hologram technology during this project. Our Audio Visual Studio colleagues collaborated with the ARHT technical crew led by Chris Mill, who was an amazing support and mentor, answering all our questions and sharing useful tips,” shares Ingrid.

Disrupting the Financial Sector With Innovative Technologies 

As in almost every business today, human interaction is even more valuable in the financial sector as companies need to foster trust and human connection with their clients. As Ingrid explains: “The human interaction is such a crucial aspect in our sector. Holograms can provide a real interaction at a distance, and that’s something with added value in times where real connection and interaction will be differentiators.” Reflecting on the first CAPSULE application at KBC, Ingrid believes that holographic technology will continue to evolve, offering even more possibilities. “Even though we’re still limited in some ways, the technology will continue evolving fast. Together with holograms, VR/AR and AI are very exciting innovations that will certainly influence the future of work,” reflects Ingrid. 

Exploration of Holographic Technology Continues 

Encouraged by the success of the Inspiration Day event and the positive response from their colleagues, KBC Surf Studio is eager to continue exploring holographic technology. They recognize the potential of utilizing holography in different internal and external use cases, enabling them to deliver services efficiently across various locations. The Inspiration Day event became a more dynamic and engaging experience thanks to ARHT CAPSULE, leaving attendees with a sense of wonder and excitement. As Ingrid and her team continue to explore other applications of holography for business, one thing is sure: KBC’s holographic journey has just begun.

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