All You Need To Know About ARHT CAPSULE: Unlock The Future Of Communication

For business today, seamless and effective communication is crucial. Whether internal or external, the interaction between employees, your brand, and your customers should be engaging and dynamic.  With holographic technology, you can improve communication, inspire your employees, and activate your audience.

Holographic technology might seem too complicated initially, but that’s actually not the case. To help you understand our solutions better, we’re launching a series of articles where we explain all the details and processes behind a specific product in the ARHT portfolio. First up is the star of the show, the holographic touchscreen 4K display, ARHT CAPSULE. 

One CAPSULE, Multiple Options 

The foundation of CAPSULE is a large transparent steel frame, which houses a 4K resolution LCD monitor. To ensure optimal presentation quality, the Capture Studio that streams into the CAPSULE is equipped with 4K studio cameras with variable zoom lenses, eliminating distortion. With its built-in microphone, camera, speaker, and echo cancellation capability, CAPSULE’s built-in Bose system enhances the communication experience.

The captivating visual presentation is further enhanced by the unique design of CAPSULE, appearing as a white hollow box with rim lighting illuminating the interior. When individuals appear within CAPSULE, their shadows are projected behind them, creating a mesmerizing illusion of depth, as if you were standing in the box. The device features a user-friendly touchscreen interface on its transparent screen, allowing for interactivity. 

Like the other products in our portfolio, CAPSULE is also running on the ARHT proprietary patented software ARHT Engine, enabling it to receive streams from Capture Studios worldwide. This allows for seamless collaboration and connectivity from different locations. This application utilizes ultra-low latency protocols, achieving an impressive latency of only 0.3 seconds, equivalent to the sync of a phone call. The streaming occurs in stunning resolution, requiring minimal bandwidth, as low as 10 megabits per second for HD streaming and 40 megabits per second for 4K streaming. This low requirement ensures smooth streaming, even with typical internet speeds available in most locations. 

CAPSULE offers four options to cater to different presentation needs: Live streaming – Quick Connect, Live Streaming “Advanced Mode”, CMS Playback – Looping screensavers/videos, and CMS Playback – Kiosks. Live holograms require the use of the Capture Studio, enabling the creation of live content. Pre-recorded presentations offer more flexibility as they are designed and prepared ahead. For 3D content, there are two options. You can choose our end-to-end workflow with our creative team or a marketing/branding/experiential agency, as the content should be created using digital assets during post-production. (you can repurpose the content or use existing content)

As mentioned, even though ARHT CAPSULE works perfectly on its own, having a Capture Studio is highly recommended. CAPSULE’s flexible integration ensures that it can fit seamlessly into existing setups, so if you already have a production studio, you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can always rent our Capture Studios worldwide. We also offer training sessions to help you become a confident videographer and expert on using ARHT technology.

Live Holograms: A Comprehensive Studio Experience for Presenters

One of the most popular uses of CAPSULE is for beaming live holograms of keynote speakers, CEOs, subject experts, and anyone who wants to deliver an impactful presentation remotely. To create a live hologram, the person will be recorded live in the Capture Studio. The Studio includes a 4K camera, a studio light with diffusion for even lighting, a white paper backdrop, a television monitor for presenter feedback, and a boom microphone positioned on a boom arm above the target.

When presenters enter the studio to deliver their presentations, they can effortlessly initiate the process by scanning the QR code displayed on the audience monitor using a tablet.

 After logging in with their credentials, presenters simply click “Join event.” Once successfully connected to the CAPSULE, the audience monitor transitions from displaying the QR code to showing a message indicating that the event will begin shortly. Located in the top corner of the monitor, the confidence monitor assures presenters that they are focused and presenting themselves at their best.

As they beam to the event or meeting, the CAPSULE offers an immersive experience for presenters, providing them with a view of the audience on the monitor and a live feed of themselves in the top left corner.

 The wide-angle camera lens captures the entire room, while the HD video signal is transmitted to the Capture Studio and displayed on the TV in front of the presenter. To optimize the visual perspective, the camera is typically positioned between 12 to 16 feet away (or 3,65 m to 4,87 m) from the presenter, ensuring a flattering view that maintains an equal distance between their head and feet. The camera height can be adjusted accordingly to ensure an optimal perspective for presenters.

The seamless audio and video integration creates a smooth interactive experience for both presenters and the audience. However, for larger rooms or noisy events like trade shows, it’s advisable to utilize in-house sound systems and microphones. CAPSULE’s built-in audio capabilities work well within a certain range, but external help may be needed to focus on the presenter amidst background noise. 

The CAPSULE is designed to deliver the best effect with a white background, enhancing its exterior and generating captivating shadows for a visually stunning “holographic” setup. While it supports multicolor backgrounds, we suggest pastel colors and light shades to ensure prominent shadows. However, we advise against using a black backdrop as it may diminish the 3D effect and transparency.

Effortless Content Management (CMS) For Pre-Recorded Content and 3D Presentations

The capabilities of ARHT CAPSULE go beyond just live streaming, thanks to its content management system. The CMS system allows users to easily schedule the playback of various content, including looping videos and proprietary kiosk visuals. Clients can access this system from anywhere worldwide, enabling effortless scheduling and playback of content on their CAPSULE devices. This scalability makes managing content across multiple capsules effortless, whether they display the same content on a loop, offer different options through the touchscreen, or have content tailored to specific audiences (for example, providing information to event attendees or office visitors).

The CMS provides unlimited cloud storage, eliminating concerns about reaching storage limits. Uploading content is as simple as dragging and dropping it into playlists and scheduling them on the grid. The grid follows weekly, with each day divided into 24-hour periods. Scheduling content is a breeze – just right-click on the desired time slot, hit “Edit,” and add the content. When published, the content is downloaded from the cloud and played locally on CAPSULE. It’s important to note that content uploaded to the cloud is not automatically transferred to CAPSULE. The cloud is a repository, allowing easy access to content across devices. Scheduled content remains on CAPSULE for 30 days as long as it is actively scheduled for playback. Training for the content management system is intuitive and straightforward, and our team will guide you through it in only 15 to 25 minutes.

Learn More

The versatility of ARHT CAPSULE stretches beyond traditional presentations and business meetings. From education, healthcare, and finance to fashion, entertainment, and culture, CAPSULE helps organizations across industries to create immersive and interactive experiences, transcending geographical limitations and bringing people closer together. Its seamless integration capabilities, state-of-the-art audio and video features, and versatility make it a groundbreaking communication solution for forward-looking businesses.

If you’re curious to see ARHT CAPSULE in action and how you can integrate it into your business, feel free to reach out to us and schedule an exclusive demo. 

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