Bringing holographic experiences closer to global audiences

Trade shows and events are back, and ARHT kicked off season 2023 strong.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been excited to connect with you in person again and give you a chance to experience the best of holographic technology. From CES in Las Vegas and NRF in NYC, all the way across the globe at ISE Barcelona, visitors had a chance to experience how it feels to be beamed as a real-life hologram. 

Events are an amazing opportunity to get valuable feedback, and we’re beyond grateful to connect with you and receive your feedback on all three major event shows!


At the world’s biggest technology showcase, CES 2023 in Las Vegas, among AI-powered chatbots and ultra-realistic humanoid avatars, holograms also attracted a lot of attention. ARHT booth was filled with curious passers-by who were watching and interacting with full-sized holographic displays. 

Regarded as “One of the top 5 must-see things at CES”, the CES visitors enjoyed and experienced firsthand the most creative use cases of our platform, like participating in interactive quizzes and talking to the host beaming from another city location. 

ARHT at CES2023

In case you missed us at CES, here are all the fun and engaging ways you can use the CAPSULE:

  • Live: Through this mode, you are able to captivate any audience and engage in an unforgettable way across the globe in real-time. 
  • Pre-recorded content: Loop any content while ARHT CAPSULE is idling, or use the pre-recorded option to create in-store activations with true stopping power. t
  • 3D touch interactive kiosk: Deliver captivating content and dynamic 3D product demos and invite buyers to interact with your products in a lively way.


Just two weeks after CES, at NRF in New York City, interactive live-streaming demonstrations and holographic technologies generated a lot of interest again – this time among the retailer community. We could summarize our NRF experience in one sentence: “Let’s get phygital”. The retail world has gone digital, and phygital is the newest trend melding our physical experiences with the convenience of technology. This fusion bridges customer journeys by creating an effortless shopping experience that allows customers to enjoy autonomy in a hybrid setting – combining real-world interaction with powerful digital functionalities.

Customers who interacted with our holographic displays were mesmerized by the realistic human presentations, providing a memorable shopping experience in retail stores, like interactive 3D product visualizations, shopping assistance, or pre-recorded holograms to present new collections. 

Our team showcased CAPSULE’s wide range of use cases and provided them with valuable insights into how holography can elevate their brand and customer experience. Here are some ideas:

  • Concierge service: Customers interact with a live or pre-recorded hologram which makes their experience at the store level more engaging. 
  • Private stylist service: Connect customers with influencers and stylists to provide extra value and fun to their shopping experience.
  • Holographic product catalogs: Provide the customer with the opportunity to interact with and manipulate products on screen while learning about the features and benefits.
  • Masterclasses: Bring celebrities and opinion leaders closer to worldwide audiences through live interaction.
  • Holographic fashion shows and lookbooks: Display your latest collection and inspiration in a dynamic way through in-store or window activations.
  • Marketing activations: Create interactive events on the sales floor and in shop windows to enrich the shopping experience.
  • Internal training and conferences: Allow your trainers and team members to be in multiple locations at once, reducing the time spent traveling. Enable quick onboarding and be ready for new launches much more efficiently. 

By implementing holography, as a result, retailers will see more success in engaging with their customers, driving more traffic, and increasing their ROI. Because of these benefits, one thing is sure: holograms will definitely be the next big thing in retailtainment!

ARHT At NRF2023 | A Glimpse Into The Future Of Retailtainment


At ISE in Barcelona, the visitors had an opportunity to enjoy stunning virtual and audio-visual experiences throughout all three days. At our booth, the audience enjoyed interacting with a live hologram of Kelly Jade and Matthew Highton from London. On the last day, Steve Pretty made his first holographic trumpet performance, bringing the music all the way from London to Barcelona, creating a fun and engaging experience for everyone. 

The star of the show, ARHT CAPSULE, demonstrated how easy it can be to elevate your digital media, broadcasting, and advertising. From beaming influencers, VIPs, actors, and tv-hosts to organizing concerts and interactive events, holograms can help you reach wider audiences and leave a memorable impact. 

As during the other two events, the ISE visitors also got to experience ARHT’s technology firsthand by transforming themselves into a live hologram. These fun and thrilling moments create great memories and stories to be shared long after the event. 

Let’s Move Forward

CES, NRF, and ISE are just a few examples of how eager we are to connect with worldwide audiences and share all the possibilities of holographic technology. 

Brands that take advantage of holographic technology and use it to create amazing experiences tailored to their consumers are the businesses of tomorrow. If you jump on this wagon, you will extend your reach to new markets, bring innovative products and services to customers, and provide personalized content customized to meet the different needs (and expectations!) of your customers.

Over the years, we established ARHT as an innovative and forward-thinking company focused on revolutionizing the industry. And this is all thanks to listening to our customers continuously. Something we’re surely planning to keep doing! 

Curious to find out how holographic technology can help you wow your audience and bring your business to the next level? Reach out to our team, and we’ll empower you to create an unforgettable impact. 

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