Science Times: Teleport Anywhere in the World: New Holography Technology Lets People Appear in Full-Size, Lifelike 3D Form When Interacting with Others

The HoloPod cabinet of AHRT is outfitted with cameras and two-way communications. In terms of technology, a video feed is projected on a mesh of woven material that’s painted with exclusive reflective paint, and an image is reflected back to the viewers.

By carefully adjusting the lighting on both sides of the speaker, the eyes of the audience combine the information while the brain develops the volumetric effect.

ARHT has established well-known presenter studios in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, and China. It also has hook-ups with partners in other countries.

Lastly, it offers an additional larger display called HoloPresence that’s more appropriate for major events compared to the boxed-in effect a cabinet is delivering.

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