Financial Times: Dealers were beamed into Art Basel Hong Kong

…last month as holograms, sparking further debate about how the post-pandemic art world will look. The technology came courtesy of the ARHT Media company, which set up a “HoloPresence” showroom at the fair, enabling gallerists in Singapore, Geneva and New York to present their art works in hologram form to VIP collectors. Dealers were captured head-to-toe in 4K video and rich audio; this information was then compressed, sent over the internet and displayed holographically, says Larry O’Reilly, chief executive of ARHT Media. Jasdeep Sandhu of Gajah Gallery in Singapore took part in the project. “The whole hologram experience is very much part of a larger arsenal that galleries and art fairs are trying out in order to reach their collector base,” he says. “It was pretty smooth once you got used to the half-second lag.” 

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