Inspiring Future Leaders with Immersive Technology: Thought Leadership Hologram Keynote at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School

The recent Pathway to C-Suite event held by  Emory University’s Goizueta Business School was a resounding success, thanks to the innovative technology of ARHT’s holographic solutions, Screens and Capture Studio. The Goizueta Business School, founded in 1919, is a globally renowned private business school in Atlanta, Georgia. Their mission is to empower students to become world-changing leaders through their comprehensive range of undergraduate, MBA, specialized masters, PhD programs, and non-degree courses.

“Our Executive MBA program hosts “The Pathway to C suite” event, which takes place in the spring of every semester. This event invites C-level individuals to come and speak to our executive-level students so they can hear about the good, bad, and ugly and honest truths of working within the C suite,” shares Jackie Conner, the Associate Dean of the Executive MBA program. 

Delivering A Unique Keynote Experience with Holography Technology

One of the keynote speakers for the event was Jill Kramer, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer from Accenture. Her talk was nothing short of inspiring as she shared valuable insights from her own career journey. But what made her keynote truly exceptional was the use of ARHT’s holographic solution. 

“We decided to use the holographic technology for this event because Jill Kramer was busy at the time, and was unable to come to the Atlanta area and participate in person. So, therefore, we thought this was an amazing opportunity to use this technology to beam her into the session,” explains Jackie.

Jaclyn Conner
Jaclyn Conner is the Associate Dean of Executive MBA at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School

“The greatest advantage was that we didn’t have to transport or carry any equipment. Jill was in the ARHT studio in New York, where our team assisted her in preparation. We were able to leverage the power of video prep and work collaboratively as a team, with the guidance of the ARHT team. The entire operation was seamless and effortless,” adds Lanero Hill, Academic Media Services Manager.

Attendees in Atlanta were able to see and hear Kramer in real time as if she was physically present on stage. The holographic image was so realistic, engaging, and personal that attendees felt like she was right there with them, even though she was beaming in from thousands of miles away in New York City.

“ARHT’s holographic technology enhanced the presentation because it looked like Jill was physically in the room. She was beamed in, and that had an amazing impact on the students. And we had that “aha” moment and wow experience when she was beamed in,” continues Jackie.

Engaging The Right Demographic With Holography Technology

The primary target audience for this event included Executive MBA students and Executive MBA alumni seeking guidance and insights from accomplished C-suite executives. This demographic is an ideal fit for a holographic keynote speaker, as engaged learners, in particular, enjoy innovative experiences that capture their interest and enhance their emotional engagement. 

“This technology was beneficial for our students because it showcases our capabilities and empowers them to implement it in their organizations,” shares Jackie.

Additionally, with an increasing focus on sustainability and minimizing their carbon footprints, these professionals appreciate the technology that can reduce extensive travel-related environmental impact. ARHT’s holographic solutions provide exactly that: an innovative and environmentally conscious way to engage and inspire young professionals.

“People can effectively travel without actually being there. This technology enables us to bring individuals to a location or classroom safely and cost-effectively, even outside of a traditional school setting,” says Lanero. 

Thanks to the ARHT holographic solutions, the Goizueta Business School showcased the fantastic possibilities of holographic technology and how it can bring people together in ways never before possible. 

“Using ARHT holographic solutions allows us to take our faculty anywhere in the world, overcoming the challenge of their busy schedules. With holographic technology, we can create immersive sessions in unique locations, giving us unprecedented flexibility. This technology opens up new possibilities and enhances our ability to deliver interactive live sessions,” concluded Jackie.

By beaming in a keynote speaker, through this collaboration, ARHT & the Goizueta Business School at Emory University gave an excellent example of how people can connect, engage in conversations, and share knowledge without the challenges of travel expenses, scheduling conflicts, geographical constraints, or carbon footprint. Holographic technology can bring substantial environmental benefits – something that is essential in today’s world, where sustainability has become a priority for everyone.

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