How Smartech Partnered with ARHT to Bring an Interactive Hologram Kiosk to Selfridges in London

About Smartech

Smartech is reinventing traditional retail as an experience-led retailer, helping hardware innovation companies to sell their products for the first time. They allow creators, founders, and digitally native brands to tell their stories to the rest of the world while giving people a glimpse into the future. Smartech offers an immersive experience as an innovative retail solution where people can try, play, and discover the latest innovations from popular brands such as Facebook, Snapchat, Sony, Segway, and more. A dedicated team of Smartech Specialists demonstrates these cutting-edge innovations, telling the stories of the world’s top creators in stores designed with the experience at heart. 

Smartech needed a captivating and engaging way to deliver product demonstrations for the high-end Selfridges department store in London. 

The Solution

Smartech partnered with ARHT to provide Selfridges in London with an interactive hologram kiosk developed for the retail sector. Smartech’s goal is to improve customer experiences continuously, and to achieve this, the company turned to ARHT’s touchscreen hologram display, ARHT CAPSULE, to showcase interactive 3D content, short tutorials, master classes with instructors, and more, leading to an increase in customer interaction, product understanding, and awareness. 

ARHT Media | Case Study: Smartech Uses Hologram Technology To Deliver Impactful Product Demos

The Impact

The touchscreen and live capabilities of CAPSULE allowed consumers to browse and view various hologram content such as interactive 3D content, short tutorials, master classes with hologram instructors, and more, increasing customer interaction, product understanding, and awareness.

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