How ARHT Helped to Connect HEC Campuses in Paris and Qatar with Cutting-Edge Holographic Technology

About H.E.C. Paris

Created in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, H.E.C. Paris ambitions to train high-potential individuals capable of becoming architects of a responsible world. What makes H.E.C. unique is its conviction shared by the H.E.C. Community: knowledge determines the freedom and entrepreneurship required for a better world.

H.E.C. Paris brings together 140 permanent professors, 4,500 students, and 8,000 managers in executive education programs every year. As leaders of impactful learning, H.E.C. Paris has been committed to excellence and impact in research, teaching, and thought leadership while delivering transformation and support in addressing the disciplines that matter in today’s complex global economic situation.

In 2010, H.E.C. Paris joined Qatar Foundation to bring world-class Executive Education programs and research activity to Doha and the region. H.E.C. Paris launched Qatar’s first international EMBA, which is currently ranked number 1 worldwide by the Q.S. World University Rankings, and the Specialized Master’s in Strategic Business Unit Management (SBUM). H.E.C. Paris is also a world leader in custom-designed programs and works with clients in Qatar and the region to design and deliver executive programs that address current business challenges.

As a global leader in business education, the H.E.C. team sought an effective method to share teaching expertise across their campuses in Paris and Doha.  

The Solution

As H.E.C. Paris in Qatar officially opened its new building in Msheireb Downtown District, it organized a live panel discussion featuring cutting-edge hologram technology. ARHT helped H.E.C. install its holographic technology at each university to create its internal hologram network so that lecturers could beam to the other location at any time. During the official inauguration, the newly installed equipment was used for the first time, creating a direct link between the campuses of H.E.C. Paris in France and Qatar.

The panel, which addressed the topic of corporate innovation, included three locally-based panelists and one panelist participating live from the H.E.C. Paris campus in France. Moderated by H.E.C. Paris Prof Anne-Valery Corboz, panelists included Guillaume Lafage, managing director of Atos Qatar, Yousef al-Jaber, V.P. of Innovation and Change Management of Total Energies Qatar and Abeer al-Hammadi, director of Innovation, Qatar Foundation IDKT (Industry Development and Knowledge Transfer) Office.

Prof Sihem Jouini, who participated on the panel through the hologram technology, said: “This tool allowed me to not only participate in this panel but to demonstrate how technology can be used to connect people and help share ideas across the globe. I teach innovation, but today I felt like I was innovating.”

Dean of H.E.C. Paris in Qatar, Dr Pablo Martin de Holan, commented: “This technology will allow us to reduce our carbon impact while enhancing the quality of our content. We can now “bring” to the classroom people from distant locations in ways that were ecologically damaging or just not economical before. It provides a high level of interaction that blends seamlessly into the classroom experience for students and faculty and is so intuitive that the adoption is straightforward.”

The Impact

As a result, H.E.C. was able to improve the quality of education they offered at all their campuses, offering a higher level of content through the best available experts no-matter their location, as well as reduce their carbon footprint and travel expense. With more than ten years of presence in Qatar, H.E.C. Paris is committed to integrating new tools and methodologies into its teaching to improve learning outcomes.

“We will continue to leverage this innovative technology to bring the best content in the world continue to our programs, and we are fully deploying it for our pedagogical needs: for H.E.C. Paris, this technology is not a curiosity, it is our way to prepare our students for the digital world that comes,” concluded Pablo Martin de Holan. 

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