Enter the Future of Business Communication: ARHT at the Central District Alliance Expert Panel in London

In a world where artificial intelligence and new technologies are shaping new business landscapes, here at ARHT, we aim to continuously improve holographic technology and search for new ways to integrate holograms into our everyday work communication. Recently, Central District Alliance hosted a Business Breakfast event inviting industry experts to discuss the impact of AI and emerging technologies on businesses and the workforce.

The spotlight was on Anil Doshi, Assistant Professor from UCL School of Management, who provided insights into the exciting world of AI and the boundless opportunities it offers businesses. Joining him were Alexander Jan, Chair of CDA and Hatton Garden BID, Jasbir Sondhi, Vice President of Capital City College Group, Will Durden, Founding Director of Momentum Transport Consultancy, and our colleague, EMEA Sales Director at ARHT, Dylan O’Reilly. Dylan’s keynote was delivered in an unexpected medium, through holographic technology, which instantly captivated the audience. Beaming in live from ARHT’s Capture Studio in Hammersmith, his talk left the audience in awe, offering a glimpse into the future of virtual business interactions.

Transcending Boundaries: The Wide Application of Holography 

Dylan talked about how, by embracing ARHT’s holographic solutions, companies can transcend distance and time, bringing clients and partners, closer together in an immersive way. With ARHT’s holographic telepresence solutions, business communication is no longer confined to screens or physical boundaries. This seamless integration of holograms into the corporate world can help us redefine virtual connection and remote collaboration. Thanks to Dylan’s holographic demonstration, the event attendees got to experience first-hand the possibilities of conducting meetings, delivering presentations, and hosting events with highly engaging holographic technology. 

Debbie Akehurst, Chief Executive, Central District Alliance (CDA), expressed her enthusiasm for ARHT’s hologram technology, stating, “CDA used ARHT’s state-of-the-art hologram technology to demonstrate how this tech can complement business. We had Dylan join the room at our Business Breakfast as a hologram, much to the delight and surprise of our guests! It was a real pleasure to work with an organisation that showed us the immense potential for businesses utilising 21st-century technologies to exceed their maximum potential.”

Dylan’s presentation also proved how ARHT’s holographic technology not only provides a visually stunning and technologically advanced experience but also revolutionizes business operations. Imagine the impact on productivity and efficiency when teams can effortlessly collaborate, breaking down barriers of distance and time zones. In an era of remote work and the need for global connectivity, our innovative solutions have the power to bridge the gap between virtual interactions and real-world experiences. 

Nicky Bond, Head of Marketing & Events, Central District Alliance, shared his excitement about witnessing Dylan’s holo-talk at the Business Breakfast event, saying, “Our collaboration with ARHT using hologram technology was brilliant! Their cutting-edge innovation was exactly what our event required and added a fantastic futuristic dimension. The seamless experience went down really well with our audience. Thank you to ARHT for enhancing our Business Breakfast.”

Ready to Revolutionize Your Business Communication?

Holographic technology is not just a glimpse into the future: it’s an invitation for businesses to embrace a new era of communication. By adopting this transformative innovation, companies can connect on a deeper level, share creative ideas, and expand their global reach. Don’t you think it’s time we make it possible to interact with teams, clients, partners and audiences, as we were in the same room, regardless of the geographic location? We say: the time is now.

By embracing new technologies, like holograms, companies can transcend limitations, redefine connection and collaboration, and revolutionize their operations. The impact of this technology goes beyond the wow factor, offering a seamless and immersive experience that captivates audiences and leaves a long-lasting impression. The world of business is evolving, and we invite you to be at the forefront with ARHT.

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