Sophia The Robot Talks To A Hologram Of Her Creator Dr. Hanson

On April 30, 2018, ARHT Media created a live 3D hologram of David Hanson, American roboticist and founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics. Dr. Hanson was holoported from Hong Kong to the Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) Discovery Conference held in Toronto.

Hanson appeared onstage at Discovery 2018 as a hologram to give the keynote address with little to no latency in transmission, joining Sophia the Robot who attended the event in person. Our patented holographic telepresence technology uniquely enabled Hanson, a busy CEO based out of Hong Kong, to participate in the Toronto conference without the additional time and cost of overseas travel.

Sophia the Robot is a social humanoid created by Dr. Hanson and his team using artificial intelligence and breakthrough robotics. She has garnered worldwide media attention and was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship in 2017. Discovery 2018 was Sophia’s Canadian debut.

Complementing the other innovative technology exhibited at Discovery 2018, our patented holographic telepresence amplified the entertainment of the opening keynote address and helped kick off the conference with pizazz.

Discovery 2018 was the largest OCE conference yet, featuring over 3,700 attendees and 550 exhibitors. “Thanks again for making it the best event ever,“ said the Event and Sponsorship Manager for OCE, Geraldine Chen.

“Your team members were absolute pros, from our pre-event calls to rehearsals to execution, “ Chen added. “The hologram technology is very new to our team, but your confidence and ability to communicate the requirements and process with us and to our AV provider was very reassuring.”

A former Disney Imagineer, Dr. Hanson is known for creating the most human-like robots in the world and aims to develop machines that can learn compassion, empathy, and creativity. “We are going towards a system that involves these kinds of living machines,” Hanson said in his address. “That is where AI will achieve its true potential.”

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