How Holograms Can Amplify The Retail Experience For Brick And Mortar

A new retail concept that recently launched in Toronto is proving how holograms can be paramount to helping attract more customers to your retail store.

With shopping behaviour steadily changing over the years and many customers now opting for different ways to shop, the nature of traditional brick and mortar retail stores is seeing a shift.

Many retailers are transforming their space to take them beyond the typical store with just goods to sell, into more experience-based concepts complete with dedicated areas for regular experiential activations, product demos and novel innovations to have customers engage with a company’s brand.

As it turns out, holograms can be a good choice for this sort of interaction and offer a truly unique and customized option for retailers to constantly create a way to attract more people through their doors, engaging them in a memorable manner that can resonate for some time to come.

By deploying ARHT Media’s lifelike holograms, retailers can really enhance their brand’s experience and deliver a lasting impact with their customers through interactive retail displays that offer a fresh and future-forward way to connect a brand with its consumers.

The possibilities are endless. Bring celebrities, influencers, brand ambassadors and product knowledge experts live, or pre-recorded, to storefronts around the globe. The sense of presence creates an experience that is very personal and real. Integrate holographic imagery and graphics and bring storytelling to an unprecedented level.

One of Canada’s leading communications and media companies has realized exactly this. They are currently using ARHT Media’s Hologram Technology to create an innovative way to demonstrate the upcoming rollout of their 5G wireless network, through a personalized on-demand holographic concert experience specifically created to showcase the future of 5G technology through music.

With the help of entertainment powerhouse Live Nation, the company has brought recording artist Tyler Shaw to their customers in-store as a hologram. Using a customized holographic display created by ARHT they are able to showcase an interactive and personalized concert experience where customers are able to select from a series of songs instantly triggering an on-demand performance of the song by Shaw’s hologram.

The immersive and lifelike nature of the hologram makes it feel like Tyler Shaw is present in the room singing directly to you, creating your very own personalized concert and leaving customers with a memorable experience that resonates the innovative nature of the company’s brand.

ARHT’s holographic telepresence technology allows for the Capture, Transmission and Display of high-quality live and pre-recorded holographic content at great value when compared to other similar technologies. The entire solution is quite easy to integrate and by using ARHT’s patented broadcast server, ARHT can transmit holograms over virtually any broadband high-speed network. Add to that, the upcoming advances in 5G wireless networks, this capability is increased by even faster wireless data transmissions. Making it possible to display holograms in even more places and for even more applications.

Interested in ARHT Media’s Hologram Technology?

To learn more about how ARHT Media can help transform the retail experience for your brand. Or to learn about how ARHT can help you bring live holographic speakers to your next event get in touch with us to learn more and to book a demo.

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