Star Trek Comes to Life: ARHT Teams Up With Paramount+ For A MCM Comic Con London’s First-Ever Holographic Panel

Just when you think you have witnessed everything in the event and entertainment industry, innovative technology constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. One of these milestone moments was at the MCM Comic Con London opening ceremony last week, where together with Paramount+, ARHT successfully delivered the MCM Comic Con’s first-ever holographic panel. 

As a homage to the popular Star Trek hallmark, we teamed up with Paramount+ to create a unique and truly iconic sci-fi experience for the Trekkies. The stars of the hit original series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds were beamed in live from LA and New York to London thanks to ARHT hologram technology. Together with Premier and Paramount+, our production team set up the stage for a flawless holographic live stream via ARHT Screens. Designed to display life-size holographic presenters and graphics within a minimal footprint, ARHT Screens were a perfect solution to bring high-definition immersive hologram presentations to life. Bringing stars from two different locations onto one stage in London to connect with their devoted fandom was executed with the highest precision and received with incredible enthusiasm. Moderated by Alex Zane, fan favorites Rebecca Romijn, Ethan Peck, Celia Rose Gooding, and Melissa Navia shared behind-the-scenes secrets from the set and exclusive details of the upcoming season.​ 

Beyond the speaker panel and throughout the event, fans also had the chance to turn themselves into a hologram! As part of Comic Con’s Star Trek Transporter experience, we showcased ARHT CAPSULE at the Paramount+ booth, bringing the sci-fi elements even closer to the excited visitors.

This event confirms how holograms have a much more powerful impact on your audience than any other form of (re)presentation. Besides the effect it creates, it also helps decrease costs, saves time, and helps to reduce carbon emissions. Instead of managing the actors’ busy schedules, buying expensive flights, booking hotels, and paying other related expenses, Paramount+ turned to holographic technology and created an unforgettable experience, equally exciting for both actors beaming in and fans at the London venue. To be able to interact with your favorite actors is already a great moment to remember, but interacting with the Voyager crew, who appear as holograms? Now, that’s the experience you will remember for a lifetime! 

Join the Star Trek universe, boldly go where no fan has gone before, and experience Strange New Worlds season 2 on Paramount+ starting June 15th, with new episodes every Thursday.

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