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How to host a hologram at your next big event

August 31, 2021

Kelly talks to Larry O’Reilly, CEO of ARHT Media about an overseas guest who was beamed into a Toronto couple’s wedding using hologram technology.

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CBC The National: Bridesmaid beamed into a pandemic wedding

August 31, 2021

When a special wedding guest couldn’t make the big day, the groom had her beamed in from the U.K.

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New York Times: A Hologram Delivered the Toast

August 27, 2021

…“I don’t know how the idea of a hologram came to mind, but a lot of us know that this technology exists,” he said. He searched online for a company with studios in both Toronto and London, landing on ARHT Media, which beamed Ms. Redington to Toronto in the form of a hologram, both to deliver a toast, which she had prerecorded, and then to have a live chat with Ms. Smith. Ms. Redington appeared in her bridesmaid dress, with her hair and makeup professionally done. They also had a virtual hug. To make this happen, Ms. Redington stood in front of a green screen in a London studio, in the middle of the night.

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Global News: Beamed-up bridesmaid was ‘cherry on top’ for Ontario newlyweds

August 19, 2021

An Ontario groom surprised his new wife with a holographic visit from a bridesmaid who was unable to travel to the wedding due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Jeff Gallant and Brittany Smith Gallant tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, on August 14.

Bridesmaid Sarah Redington lives in London, England, but was unable to travel…

…When Redington’s hologram appeared after the couple’s first dance, the crowd greeted it with gasps.

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Bride Magazine UK: The bridesmaid who appeared as a HOLOGRAM at her friend’s wedding

August 24, 2021

…Hologram technology is now being used as a way of giving people the chance to be at an event they cannot attend in person – an idea catapulted by tech companies in a post-pandemic world.

ARHT Media is one tech company whose HoloPresence technology made the wishes of one bride come true, when she was surprised on her wedding day by a special appearance from her absent bridesmaid.

Grounded in London due to Covid restrictions, bridesmaid Sarah Redington could not attend Brittany Smith’s wedding in Niagra, Ontario. However, Sarah arranged with groom Jeff Gallant for her hologram to be beamed across the ocean, enabling her to give her wedding speech in real time.

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Daily Mail: Forget Zoom! Loyal bridesmaid delivers her wedding speech from London via HOLOGRAM after travel restrictions stop her from attending Canada wedding

September 2, 2021

Undeterred by travel restrictions brought on by Covid-19, a bridesmaid has appeared at her friend’s wedding in Canada as a hologram.

Like Princess Leia in Star Wars, bridesmaid Sarah Redington was beamed in full wedding regalia, holding a glass of champagne, live from London.

Redington ‘virtually’ attended the wedding of her best friend Brittany Smith to Jeffrey Gallant at Kurtz Orchards in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada last month.

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iHeart Radio: Bridesmaid Attends Wedding As Hologram

August 24, 2021

When Jeff Gallant and Brittany Smith Gallant got married near Toronto, Brittany was disappointed that one of her bridesmaids couldn’t travel to Canada because she lives in London and is not a Canadian citizen. As a surprise, Jeff contacted a hologram company and arranged for bridesmaid Sarah Redington to appear live and virtually at the reception.

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The Science Times: Hologram: Recent Advances in Holography Enable Bridesmaid to Virtually Attend Best Friend’s Wedding

September 3, 2021

People have found innovative ways of using hologram technology these days when social contacts are limited. The latest example is when a bridesmaid was restricted from physically attending her best friend’s wedding due to COVID-19 protocols in Ontario, so she decided to virtually attend it as a hologram.

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Gaming Post: Bridesmaid Attends Wedding Via Hologram

August 24, 2021

The world health crisis is still limiting travel around the world, including in Canada. But that didn’t stop a sneaky bridesmaid from attending a wedding in Ontario. Though, the crafty lady didn’t have to break any rules in order to do so. She instead arranged to appear via hologram, much to the surprise of the delighted bride.

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BBC: Can holograms and avatars replace Zoom video calls?

August 30, 2021

Video meetings are now a permanent part of our work lives. Are there new solutions that can take out some of the agony?

…Canada-based ARHT Media launched a 3D display system that can place users into meetings virtually. US company Spatial, another tech start-up, facilitated holographic-style meetings via Facebook’s Oculus Quest headsets.

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Forbes: ‘HoloPresence’ Technology May Be Ready To Steal Business From Airlines, Hotels

August 24, 2021

It was nearly 50 years ago when some marketing and advertising geniuses trying to sell blank, recordable cassette tapes asked people to listen to jazz great Ella Fitzgerald and determine “Is it live? Or is it Memorex?”

Now, half a decade – and eons of advancement in technology later – the question soon could be “Is it Live? Or is it HoloPresence?

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Dubai Vibes Magazine: ‘It blew my mind! I knew I had to be part of this story’

July 21, 2021

Larry O’Reilly, CEO of ARHT Media, talks about the groundbreaking hologram technology that, he says, ‘humanizes digital communication.’

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2021 Jeju Forum underlines importance of multilateral cooperation to tackle global challenges

June 25, 2021

We helped beam the former President of France, Francoise Hollande, to his keynote address at the Jeju Peace Forum, hosted by the Jeju Peace Institute in Korea.  Mr. Hollande was joined at the event by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, as the two men are largely regarded as the architects of the 2015 Paris Agreement

The Times: Holograms to host meetings in new frontier for remote working

June 11, 2021

…The next frontier in technology aims to keep the best of both situations: holograms are coming to the workplace.

WeWork, the shared work space company, is rolling out hologram functions this month to 100 of its buildings in 16 locations around the world.

The move, in partnership with ARHT Media, a hologram company, was announced last month. WeWork offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami will be the first to receive the innovation.

Meanwhile, Google has

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Wall Street Journal: Tech Companies Want to Make Holograms Part of Routine Office Life

June 9, 2021

Companies from Google to WeWork want to help employers cut down on Zoom fatigue with a new approach to communications: holograms for the workplace.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google in May revealed Project Starline, an effort to create a video-chat system with screens that give participants three-dimensional depth.

WeWork last month announced a partnership with ARHT Media Inc., a hologram technology company, to bring holograms to 100 WeWork buildings in 16 locations around the world. The effort begins this month with New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

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Financial Times: Dealers were beamed into Art Basel Hong Kong

June 3, 2021

…last month as holograms, sparking further debate about how the post-pandemic art world will look. The technology came courtesy of the ARHT Media company, which set up a “HoloPresence” showroom at the fair, enabling gallerists in Singapore, Geneva and New York to present their art works in hologram form to VIP collectors. Dealers were captured head-to-toe in 4K video and rich audio; this information was then compressed, sent over the internet and displayed holographically, says Larry O’Reilly, chief executive of ARHT Media. Jasdeep Sandhu of Gajah Gallery in Singapore took part in the project. “The whole hologram experience is very much part of a larger arsenal that galleries and art fairs are trying out in order to reach their collector base,” he says. “It was pretty smooth once you got used to the half-second lag.” 

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Bloomberg: Workers Return to Weirder Offices With Moveable Walls and Touchless Elevators

May 26, 2021

…WeWork is also trying to make Zooming a little less two-dimensional, signing a deal with ARHT Media Inc. to integrate hologram technology in 16 of its offices around the world.

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May 21, 2021

ARHT Media is using the technology to create HoloPresence for meetings and events, where speakers, who could be miles away, can “be” in the room listening and interacting with attendees, while Fácil by Arribatec Solutions and Holo Industries have developed the first holographic check-in kiosk.

According to Larry O’Reilly, CEO, ARHT Media, his company is the global leader in HoloPresence (holographic telepresence) technology. ARHT’s complete end-to-end solution allows for the capture, transmission and display of presenters who want to appear remotely as lifelike holograms for live interactions with an audience of any size in real-time with little to no latency.

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Yahoo Finance: Google I/O: Wear OS, Android, Shopping, Holograms and More

May 20, 2021

…On the other hand, perhaps the future is not so far off after all. Other companies — like ARHT Media — have already developed their own holographic platforms.

In the first quarter, the Canadian firm installed its tech in two military organizations in three separate countries. Most recently, it struck a deal with WeWork to bring hologram-based meetings and events to its locations.

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TechRepublic: Holographic meetings headed to WeWork locations

May 12, 2021

Remote workers have used a number of virtual collaboration tools like Zoom and Teams during the coronavirus pandemic. This has led to new linguistic offerings a la “Zoom fatigue” as a result of round-the-clock video conferences. On Tuesday, ARHT Media, a hologram technologies company, announced a partnership with WeWork to integrate holographic presentations to coworking spaces around the globe. Holographic stand-up meetings could soon be part of the standard remote workday.

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FastCompany: Your next meeting at WeWork could be with life-size holograms

May 11, 2021

WeWork once declared that it was a “technology company,” not just the landlord of coworking spaces. Now, two years after the company’s hype implosion, it says it’s going to start enabling something decidedly techy: face-to-face meetings with holograms.

…WeWork has entered into an agreement with a Canadian company called ARHT Media, which developed the technology that will be installed in WeWorks around the world. Speakers would go to a capture studio at a WeWork near where they live to participate in a panel discussion.

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InformationWeek: Move Over, Zoom, Holograms Are Next

May 7, 2021

…The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of people thinking about the future of communication and collaboration. While video conferencing has been the necessary go-to substitute for business travel and working at the office, users complain it’s not the same as in-person interactions.

Some organizations are adopting holograms as a new form of virtual presence, and it’s making a memorable impact on audiences given its novelty.

For example, an ETF portfolio manager used ARHT Media hologram technology to present at a Singapore conference he couldn’t otherwise attend. His company also uses the technology in client meetings that combine live and holographic presenters.

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IEEE Spectrum: Tired of Zoom Calls? Try Beaming in on a Hologram

April 27, 2021

…ARHT Media, a company that makes hologram technology, has built a solution called the HoloPod, a 3D hologram cabinet on wheels geared toward boardrooms and lecture halls. ARHT’s technology uses green screen studios along with an HD webcam, built-in HD projector and a proprietary holopresence display.

What distinguishes the holograms from a typical HD display in a videoconferencing call is the 3D display, says Larry O’Reilly, the CEO of ARHT Media. He adds that people will not need 3D glasses to see the holograms.

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Cheddar: What ‘HoloPresence’ Technology Means for the Future of Work

April 22, 2021

Larry O’Reilly, CEO of ARHT Media, joins ‘Cheddar Innovates’ to discuss how its ‘HoloPresence’ technology can project a person in HD holographic form from anywhere in the world, and what this means for the future of events and conferences.

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