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Roger Pollock

VP, Global Entertainment

Roger Pollock is a highly accomplished motion picture executive with an impressive 34-year track record in international distribution and marketing. Throughout his career, he has established strong relationships with some of the industry's most influential people, including filmmakers, talent, managers, and decision-makers. Beginning with his first role at BBC in 1982, Roger quickly made a name for himself by joining United International Pictures (UIP) as General Manager for Thailand in 1987. From there, he moved on to be the UIP Representative Director in South Korea before taking on the role of Managing Director for Malaysia and Singapore. Roger's skills and expertise eventually led him back to London, where he was appointed the EMEA Head position for UIP. He has since held positions with Paramount Pictures as EVP of International Distribution & Operations and IMAX Corporation as Senior VP, Head of International Marketing. In 2019, Roger established his own consultancy business focused on the entertainment sector, and in January 2023, he joined ARHT MEDIA as Vice President, Entertainment. With his unparalleled experience, Roger is a true asset to the industry and continues to make a significant contribution to its growth and success.

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