ARHT x WeWork

In today’s hybrid working environment, meeting equity
and active collaboration matter. Make your meetings
more human. Be more personal. Eliminate barriers
of space and time and get closer to people who matter.

WeWork x ARHT = Capture studios for the workforce of the future

Beam, interact and collaborate in real-time and in life-size.

Time to upgrade your in-person and hybrid meetings

WeWork is the first flexible space provider to join forces with ARHT.
Together, we bring future-forward technology closer to you and your business.

ARHT Virtual Global Stage

Grab the attention of customers, creating memorable experiences. Inspire, interact and educate with engaging holograms.


The star of the show, ARHT CAPSULE is a 4K holographic touchscreen display that takes human interactions to the next level.

ARHT Screens

Our most flexible portable displays suited for any type of event, temporary or semi-permanent. Completely adaptable to your needs and wants.

ARHT Capture Studio

For live communication or pre-recorded sessions, connect your ARHT Capture Studio with ARHT Virtual Global Stage, ARHT CAPSULE or transmit them via ARHT Screens.

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From Los Angeles to Singapore, we’ve got you covered

Choose ARHT Capture Studios at different WeWork locations across the globe.

Make it to every meeting in life-size proportions

Use ARHT Capture Studios to beam for conferences, panels, keynote speeches, presentations, organization-wide meetings, training seminars, recruitment events and sales meetings.

Connect with your team at WeWork in an incredibly unique way.


It’s not necessary to build or buy your own studio. Thanks to our strategic partnership with WeWork, ARHT’s technology is available across selected WeWork locations around the world.

You can easily request a demo here (link to the form on the current page:

All WeWork members get a special rate when booking ARHT Capture Studio. Non-members also get full access to use the ARHT products at WeWork and get charged per use.

Meetings that Matter are targeted towards impactful meetings that occur between two WeWork facilities. This program offering is an opportunity to bring an executive or subject matter expert to a meeting that they otherwise would not be able to attend. The ARHT technology can significantly increase the impact and engagement of important presentations while reducing travel costs and aligning with corporate sustainability goals. Members can take advantage of modern and convenient WeWork facilities, equipped with ARHT technology, to maximize their reach, impact, and audience engagement.

ARHT. Empowering you to make an unforgettable impact.

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