ARHT for Military

Increase the readiness of your forces while reducing travel expenses and saving valuable time.

Bring the future to your forces today

Whether it’s training, presentations, or morale and welfare with the ARHT holographic technology, you can improve your force readiness and reduce your costs.


Engaging training and instruction

Conduct realistic in-person training to multiple sites at once or to remote locations. Extend your resources, save precious instructor time and reduce your travel budget. Bring experts in from around the world without loss of time due to travel.


State-of-the-art communications

Conduct briefings, perform presentations, and attend meetings without leaving your headquarters. Beam defense experts into any training environment, from a deployed military field hospital's operating room, a 3rd line heavy armored vehicle or aircraft maintenance facility, or your organization's training facilities.


Improve morale for deployed soldiers

Improve your deployed forces' morale by using holographic technology to bring the soldier closer to their family while deployed anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of a simple phone call or a video call.

Success stories

Meet forward-thinkers who engage with their audiences in a revolutionary way.

ARHT x Founders Forum

Discover how ARHT beamed the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, to the stage of four of Europe’s largest tech festivals - at the same time.

Explore ARHT products

Different solutions for any purpose.

Bring together remote presenters from across the globe

ARHT Virtual Global Stage

Spark live conversations, no matter the distance.


Just like you’re there

The ultimate hologram capture toolkit

ARHT Capture Studio

360° solution to capture your presence

ARHT, in their words

Clients who experienced the added value that holograms can bring.

Solutions for every use case

Discover how you can use holography to create compelling
experiences and make a stronger impact.


Star line

Grab the attention of your customer and create memorable experiences. Inspire, interact, and educate your audience with engaging holograms.


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Cinemas and movies have always been magical. Invite your audience into that dream world again as active participants.


Star line

Make your training, research, and briefings impactful, cost-effective and sustainable. Engage your audience and connect them with global leaders.

ARHT. Empowering you to make an unforgettable impact.

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