ARHT for Retail

Deliver immersive shopping experiences, concierge service and interactive storytelling and with hologram technology.

The next era of retailtainment

Give your clients a completely different sense of shopping. Elevate consumer experience,  increase your brand awareness through window displays and in-store events to generate more traffic and return on promotions.

Excite your consumers

Grab the attention of passers-by and turn them into potential buyers. Connect them with influencers and stylists to provide extra value and fun shopping experience.

Host masterclasses for customers and conduct staff training

Beam in industry experts and for real-time product knowledge sessions and seminars. Organize trainings and product knowledge sessions for your team. Use pre-recorded holograms to present new collections.

Showcase 3D product demos

Deliver captivating content and dynamic 3D product demos in high-quality digital formats. Invite buyers to interact with your products in a playful way and increase product understanding.

Success stories

Meet forward-thinkers who engage with their audiences in a revolutionary way.

ARHT x Smartech

Discover how Smartech partnered with ARHT to provide Selfridges in London with an interactive hologram kiosk.

ARHT Media's hologram for WestJet's 2019 Christmas Miracle campaign

Discover how WestJet beamed live interactive holograms of both Blue Santa and Ebeniza Scrooge to a winter wonderland.

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Different solutions for any purpose.


Just like you’re there

ARHT Capture Studio

360° solution to capture your presence

Solutions for every use case

Discover how you can use holography to create compelling
experiences and make a stronger impact.


Make your training, research, and briefings impactful, cost-effective and sustainable. Engage your audience and connect them with global leaders.


Grab the attention of your customer and create memorable experiences. Inspire, interact, and educate your audience with engaging holograms.


Cinemas and movies have always been magical. Invite your audience into that dream world again as active participants.

ARHT. Empowering you to make an unforgettable impact.

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