ARHT for Finance and Consulting

Provide custom technological guidance and support for
your clients on their journey to innovation.

Transform businesses with emerging technology

Advise your customers on how to integrate holography into their business models. Help them gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve.

Increase meeting equity

Consolidate people across the world and help them work and collaborate together more efficiently. Enable constructive synergy that sparks innovation.

Share insights with stakeholders

Beam-in experts and managers for relevant briefings and important presentations. Ensure equal participation and conversation between associates.

Foster relationships and grow trust

Transmit CEOs and thought leaders to experience centers so they can directly communicate with the customers — anywhere in the world, simultaneously.

Success stories

Meet forward-thinkers who engage with their audiences in a revolutionary way

ARHT x Sun Life

Discover how Sun Life Financial brought a live hologram of Dave Jones, Senior Vice-President, to the CPBI Annual National FORUM 2019 in Vancouver.

ARHT x Robeco International

Discover how Robeco Investor Conference took its keynote presentations to the next level with ARHT technology. 

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Different solutions for any purpose.


Just like you’re there

ARHT Virtual Global Stage

Spark live conversations, no matter the distance.

ARHT Capture Studio

360° solution to capture your presence

ARHT, in their words

Clients who experienced the added value that holograms can bring.

Solutions for every use case

Discover how you can use holography to create compelling
experiences and make a stronger impact.


Make your training, research, and briefings impactful, cost-effective and sustainable. Engage your audience and connect them with global leaders.


Grab the attention of your customer and create memorable experiences. Inspire, interact, and educate your audience with engaging holograms.


Cinemas and movies have always been magical. Invite your audience into that dream world again as active participants.

ARHT. Empowering you to make an unforgettable impact.

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