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Watch U.S. Girls Play SXSW Via Hologram

This article was written by Rachel Brodsky and originally published on March 20, 2023: Welcome to the Metaverse!(?) Actually,...

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I became a hologram to see what the future of work might look like....

As organizations embrace remote work, some are experimenting with hologram technology. ARHT Media, a global tech company, invited Insider's Rebecca Knight...

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The Rising Use of Holograms in Hybrid Events and How to Take Advantage of...

Holograms. A game-changing concept in the event industry is becoming increasingly popular among brands and organizations that want to create...

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Bringing holographic experiences closer to global audiences

Trade shows and events are back, and ARHT kicked off season 2023 strong. Since the beginning of the year, we...

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ISE 2023 Highlights

At ISE in Barcelona, the visitors had an opportunity to enjoy stunning virtual and audio-visual experiences throughout all three days....

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Larry O’Reilly Showcases CAPSULE Live 4K Holographic Display

Welcome to the fascinating world of holograms! ARHT CEO, Larry O'Reilly showcases our latest product - The CAPSULE - which...

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