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Bloomberg: Workers Return to Weirder Offices With Moveable Walls and Touchless Elevators

…WeWork is also trying to make Zooming a little less two-dimensional, signing a deal with ARHT Media Inc. to integrate hologram technology...

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Hotel Business: Holograms: The wave of the future for hospitality

ARHT Media is using the technology to create HoloPresence for meetings and events, where speakers, who could be miles away,...

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FastCompany: Your next meeting at WeWork could be with life-size holograms

WeWork once declared that it was a “technology company,” not just the landlord of coworking spaces. Now, two years after...

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Yahoo Finance: Google I/O: Wear OS, Android, Shopping, Holograms and More

…On the other hand, perhaps the future is not so far off after all. Other companies — like ARHT Media...

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TechRepublic: Holographic meetings headed to WeWork locations

Remote workers have used a number of virtual collaboration tools like Zoom and Teams during the coronavirus pandemic. This has...

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Information Week: Move Over, Zoom, Holograms Are Next

…The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of people thinking about the future of communication and collaboration. While video conferencing has...

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