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    ARHT Suite

    All you need to create captivating holographic experiences.


    Discover the most lifelike and lifesized interactive 3D holographic display elevating your presentations and conversations.

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    Discover powerful and sharp holographic portable displays. Available in different sizes and adaptable to any use case.

    ARHT Virtual Global Stage

    Try VGS and bring speakers from around the globe together to spark live conversations in a virtual environment.

    ARHT Capture Studio

    Whether capturing live holograms or pre-recorded sessions, ARHT Capture Studio is the all-in-one setup you need.

    Ready to connect with your audience
    like never before?

    Discover how you can use holography to share your ideas across the globe while leaving everyone in awe.

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      About ARHT

      ARHT holographic technology enables you to seamlessly capture, transmit, and project holograms with impeccable image quality while maintaining ultra-low latency. Our innovative solutions powered by patented transmission software, ARHT Engine, enable live or pre-recorded remote holographic appearances in one or multiple locations simultaneously, facilitating unforgettable moments and impactful interactions.

      What Our Clients Say

      Meet forward-thinkers who engage with their audiences in a revolutionary way.

      “It was a galactic operation linking three time zones with state-of-the-art holographic technology and a lot of very talented people that helped make it happen. This is a great example of how Paramount+ is using ARHT cutting-edge technology to bring its beloved franchises to consumers in unique, fan-driven ways.”  Tim West, Brand PR at Paramount+

      Collin Hummel Senior Manager, 3M

      “The ARHT hologram technology has significantly impacted the use of our revolutionary Digital Creative Lab by enhancing the learning experience and inviting collaboration. This capability provides a more immersive learning experience, making it easier for students to visualize complex concepts and understand them better.” Joe Way, Director of Learning Environments @ The University of Southern California

      Ajay Bijli Chairman and Managing Director, PVR Limited

      “Using ARHT holographic solutions allows us to take our faculty anywhere in the world, overcoming the challenge of their busy schedules. With holographic technology, we can create immersive sessions in unique locations, giving us unprecedented flexibility. This technology opens up new possibilities and enhances our ability to deliver interactive live sessions.” Jackie Conner, the Associate Dean of the Executive MBA program @ Emory University’s Goizueta Business School

      Elka Goldstein Informa Director

      Stand Out From The Crowd and Take the Lead in Innovation

      In today’s fast-paced world, competition for attention has never been fiercer. If your brand wants to stay ahead in the game, it’s time to think outside the box. That’s where holography comes in.

      At ARHT, we’re on a mission to revolutionize digital communication. Our cutting-edge holographic technology allows you to connect with your audience in a unique and unforgettable way. Reach out today, and let us show you how you can connect, inspire, and engage with the people who matter most to your business.

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