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Step into the mesmerizing world of hologram technology with the leading hologram company ARHT Media.
Discover Hologram Technology at ARHT.


Make your trainings, briefings and research cost-effective and sustainable. Increase engagement with your audience by connecting them with leaders worldwide.


Grab the attention of your customer and create memorable experiences. Inspire, interact, and educate your audience with engaging holograms.


Cinemas and movies have always been magical. Invite your audience into that dream world again as active participants.


Designed by visionaries, made for you.
This the ARHT collection.


The star of the show, ARHT CAPSULE is a 4K holographic touchscreen display that takes human interactions to the next level.

ARHT Virtual Global Stage

Grab the attention of customers, creating memorable experiences. Inspire, interact and educate with engaging holograms.

ARHT Screens

Our most flexible portable displays suited for any type of event, temporary or semi-permanent. Completely adaptable to your needs and wants.

ARHT Capture Studio

For live communication or pre-recorded sessions, connect your ARHT Capture Studio with ARHT Virtual Global Stage, ARHT CAPSULE or transmit them via ARHT Screens.

ARHT Global Events

Stay up-to-date with the latest upcoming Open Houses, events, trade shows, conferences and more! Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunities to learn more about holograms.

WeWork x ARHT

Hybrid workspaces just got more oomph.

Looking for a hologram studio? Check out ARHT Capture Studios in selected WeWork locations worldwide and engage with anyone, anywhere.

Our beaming clients

Meet forward-thinkers who engage with their audiences in a revolutionary way.


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